लोन चाहिए / Need Loan

Term Loan Scheme
Loan for Employment Generating Ventures

Loan for project costing upto RS. 30.00 lacs at the rate of 6-8% p.a.

Education Loan Scheme
Loan for Job Oriented Techincal and professional Courses

Loan upto Rs.20.00 lacs for Domestic Courses & Rs.30.00 lacs for courses Abroad at 3-8% p.a.

Virasat Scheme
Loan for working Capital & Fixed Capital Requirement of ArtisansL

Loan upto Rs.10.00 lacs at Interest rate of 5-6% p.a.

* Note:In case of an Inactive state, you may visit the nearest Canara Bank Branch and apply for loans available under their scheme. Thereafter, the same loan will be refinanced as per provisions applicable under the scheme of NMDFC

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