National Minorities Development & Finance Corporation

(A Govt. of India Undertaking, Ministry of Minority Affairs)

Promotional Schemes

i. Marketing Assistance Scheme

The Marketing Assistance Scheme is meant for individual crafts-persons, beneficiaries of NMDFC as well as SHG members and is implemented through SCAs with a view to support the crafts-persons to promote marketing & sale of their products at remunerative prices. NMDFC assists the SCAs in organizing State/District level exhibitions at selected locations. In these exhibitions, handloom/handicraft products of Minority crafts-persons are exhibited and sold. Such exhibitions also serve the purpose of organizing “buyer seller meet”, which is considered very useful for product development and market promotion, for domestic market as well as for exports. NMDFC provide grants for organizing exhibitions, as per the specific guidelines of the scheme, after due appraisal of the proposals.

S. No.





Indicative Stall Rent

For A Class cities Rs. 22,000/stall, For B Class cities Rs. 18,000/stall, For C Class cities Rs. 14,000/stall.

All metros are A class cities, All State Capitals other than Metros are B Class cities, District headquarters/ other cities are C Class cities.




2nd class sleeper or ordinary bus fare (on actual) by shortest route.



DA (per day)

Class of City


DA Rate

A Class


Rs. 700/-

B Class


Rs. 600/-

C Class


Rs. 500/-


Total Cost for organizing exhibition at SCA level

Class of City


Total indicative cost

A Class


Rs. 18.00 lacs

B Class


Rs. 15.20 lacs

C Class


Rs. 12.40 lacs

The overall cost for organizing the exhibition would include hiring of space for exhibition, erection of stalls- its decoration & lighting, publicity & advertisement, branding,  TA, fixed DA, fire-fighting arrangements, insurance, transportation of exhibits, expenses in organizing buyer seller meet, etc.






60 local artisans/beneficiaries and 20 artisans/beneficiaries from outside the state.

NMDFC will provide the list of 20 artisans/beneficiaries either out of its own data bank or from the other States. This will help to provide variety to products brought In the exhibition. List of 20 artisans will be provided at least 10 days before start of exhibition by NMDFC, else organizing SCA will draw participants out of waiting list on hearing from NMDFC. This is to ensure that the stalls are not left vacant in the exhibition.



Max. Stalls in Exhibition

40 stalls. If lesser number of stall are put, then the expenditure would be reduced proportionately.



Duration of exhibition

15 Days. If exhibition is organized for lesser number of days, expenditure would be reduced proportionately.



Means of Financing NMDFC : SCAs

90% : 10%



Occupancy in each Stall

Each Stall will be shared by two participants.



Size of Each Stall

Should normally be of 10fts x 10fts size.



Maintenance of Sales Figure

Participants have to maintain Bill Book and all sales should be recorded in it. The representative of the SCA should maintain a Sales Register in respect of all the participants.



Maintenance of Attendance Record

The representative of the SCA should maintain attendance register & attendance of the artisan is to be taken daily to ensure their presence during the exhibition. Attendance of the artisans will also help to regulate payment of DA to the artisan.



ii. Mahila Samridhi Yojana

It is a unique scheme linking micro-credit with the training to the women members to be formed in to SHGs, in the trades such as tailoring, cutting and embroidery, etc. It is being implemented by NMDFC, through the State Channelising Agencies of NMDFC as well as NGOs. Under the Mahila Samridhi Yojana, training is given to a group of around 20 women in any suitable women friendly craft activity. The group is formed into Self Help Group during the training itself and after the training, micro-credit is provided to the members of the SHG so formed. The maximum duration of the training is of six months with maximum training expenses of Rs. 1,500 p.m. per trainee. During the training a stipend of Rs. 1,000 p.m. is also paid to the trainees. The training cost and stipend is met by NMDFC as grant. After the training, need based micro credit subject to a maximum of Rs. 1.00 lac is made available to each member of SHG, so formed at an interest rate of 7% p.a. 

iii. Grant in Aid Assistance scheme

The SCAs of NMDFC are supported under the scheme of Grant In Aid Assistance (GIA) of the Ministry of Minority Affairs to strengthen their infrastructure for effective implementation of NMDFC schemes. So far, Rs.25.94 (upto 12.01.2021) crores has been released to the various SCAs by NMDFC.